12 04 2011


It was the evening of the 31st of March when I put all of my plans into effect. It all seemed perfect, maybe too perfect. I had the ring, the flowers, and I didn’t think anything could go wrong. Naturally, there had to be at least one thing… and it was my shoes! As Steve, Lauren and I drove up to Sandy, I looked down to see that I wasn’t wearing my shoes, but rather I was wearing your ordinary household slippers. Wow. Are we for real right now?


Luckily, other than that minor mishap, there was nothing that went wrong this evening. Chipotle was a must and so we picked up a few burritos before going to surprise Alyssa. You have to keep in mind that Burritos are central to our relationship, which is why “She had me at BURRITO.” Steve and Lauren hid as I waited patiently outside of Alyssa’s work for her to finish. Then she came out… She was really confused as to why I was there, shocked even, especially since she didn’t see any other car in the parking lot. I’m a man of mysteries.




Steve and Lauren came out of their hiding places and we all went on a “double date.” Since our plans to go somewhere to do something fell through, we ate and spent time at a park. Alyssa was completely oblivious of what was going to happen later on this evening.



Yup, totally oblivious.

After eating, we played at the park because we had some time to spend. Then we all left. Lauren and Steve went their way and we went ours. I drove Alyssa to a secret place of ours called “Stonehenge of Orem.” It was here that we went on one of our first dates, after she had been absent from my life for a long time… (She liked to shower just as I would visit, so I never saw her) … While there we read together a story. It was a book that I had put together, which as you will see has pictures of us from freshman year and from us dating this year.




She still had no clue. After going through the majority of the book, I gave her total control of the book because there was only one page left… and I had things to do like struggle to clinch onto the ring box in the hard to find pocket of the jacket I had on. When the clock on my phone hit 11:11pm (a special time) I was still struggling for the box. My phone is fast and it went to 11:12pm. I missed it! All I had to do was get it right on time, but I didn’t. Luckily Alyssa’s phone had the right time of 11:11 still on it. As she turned to the last page, I did a little twist and knee plant into the ground as I whipped out the ring box and opened it ever so perfectly … (I practiced opening that box a few times before. I didn’t want any mishaps)


That’s when I asked Alyssa to marry me… There was a slight pause … (it seemed like a minute but it was probably only half a second) She responded as follows: “Are you serious?…” –pause- “Are you sure?…” –pause- “Yes?!…” –pause- “Are you serious?… Oh my gosh.” –pause- “Are you..” –gasp/laugh- … -laugh- “mmmft… I had NO idea… I’m like shaking..” And that’s how it all went. She was completely clueless the entire evening until that point. She did not see it coming. I’m glad she said yes.


The next day happened to be April Fool’s Day, so we fooled so many people into thinking that we were fooling about being engaged, but we weren’t fooling.  




So I had just gotten off work and I sat around in the lobby with my boss and my friend, Holly. We were heading outside to load up some mats into Sharon’s car and all of a sudden Josh starts walking up to us. I was totally caught off guard and he didn’t even have a car! I looked around the parking lot and nothing. How did he get here? I think I asked him what he was doing there about twenty times. He never answered me. Naturally, he just smiled. Once we had all the mats loaded into Sharon’s car we went to my car and he had roses and Chipotle for me! Then I found out how he got there because his roommate, Steve and his girlfriend, Lauren, walked up. The four of us went to this park by my work and had some burritos. We spent about an hour playing around at the park. Well, actually, I think I was the only one really playing, but it was still fun. When we were done at the park we went our separate ways. Steve and Lauren drove home and Josh and I headed back to Provo. I asked him if we could go to my place so I could put normal clothes on because I was still in my work clothes and I was using his sweatshirt, but he said I couldn’t. We went to this place called Stonehenge of Orem. It is a retirement home in Orem and it has a replica of Stonehenge out front. We spent one of our first dates there around Halloween. He read me a scary story there the first time so this time we read another story. He had made a book about us. It was kind of like a picture book or a timeline of our relationship. We went through it a page at a time, but he wouldn’t let me just read it. He kept trying to get me to sing a song from it, but I’m not much of a rapper. I didn’t get why he was taking so long to read it, but when we got to the last couple pages he let me have control of the book. At 11:11pm I turned to the last page where there was a picture of the Oakland Temple and at the top it said “Will you marry me?” As I flipped the page and saw it, Josh knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was shocked. We had talked about getting married, but I had no idea that this was going to happen, at least not until way later. He had talked to both of my parents and gotten a ring. He made it all happen and I had no clue.



"Between Heaven and Earth"

27 12 2010
This past weeks have been great!  A lot of things have happened.  School keeps me on my toes, but I’ve been able to find peace and happiness amongst the caos.  Life is my garden, so I’m going to dig it and make it the best I can.  I’ve been thinking a lot this week about Temples and so I feel it only fitting to say a little something something about the importance of Temples to me. 

For those of you that may not know what a temple is or want to learn more about them, take a look at the video or the following link :

OR :  Frequently Asked Questions

Temples are a connection for us between Heaven and Earth.  We can draw closer unto our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

A week or so ago, I was able to talk to a man named Ariel Lopez.  I taught him and saw him be baptized when I was serving as a full-time missionary in Santa Rrrrosa, California.  Ariel is currently preparing himself to visit and enter into the House of the Lord.  He has plans of going to the temple soon.  I’m super excited for him because I know of the peace that it can bring into our lives.
The following words of a simple children’s him have been in my mind as I’ve thought of him :
“I love to see the temple.
I’m going there someday
To feel the Holy Spirit,
To listen and to pray.
For the temple is a house of God,
A place of love and beauty.
I’ll prepare myself while I am young;
This is my sacred duty.


I love to see the temple.
I’ll go inside someday.
I’ll cov’nant with my Father;
I’ll promise to obey.
For the temple is a holy place
Where we are sealed together.
As a child of God, I’ve learned this truth:
A fam’ly is forever.”

Going to Brigham Young University, I have had the opportunity, living in Utah, to visit 3 different Temples of the Lord.  I feel at home every time that I enter or even visit.  The Spirit is strong and leads us to reflect and ponder things of eternal importance.  Or even SIMPLE things like the fact that God is Our Loving Heavenly Father.  He knows us by name.  He knows our trials, our thoughts, our feelings, our needs and how to best help us. 


Every year, around this time,Temple Square in Salt Lake City is lit.  Lights compliment the beauty of the Temple, as we remember the Savior’s Birth and Life this Christmas Season.
Alyssa and I enjoyed the lights here, after a delicious Chipotle Burrito of course.  We saw many people that we knew and who we hadn’t seen in a long time.  In many ways the Temple really can bring others closer to each other.  It is always good to reminisce on the good times.
I’m grateful for Temples that allow our families to be together forever, not just in this life, but even after death.  Imagine that for a second, you can live with your family and loved ones forever.  Nothing brings a smile to my face more than that, to know that I can see again, meet for the first time, and even live with family members who have passed on.  My appreciation for this has grown as I have felt a closeness to my loved ones, now gone, while visiting the Temple.
I’m also grateful that I am able to forget all of my worldly worries outside and find a peaceful calm, which often is tough to find these days.  Like most of you know, I worry and think about a lot of things… a lot of things…  so I can take those things that are bothering me and counsel with the Lord.  No greater peace can come as you counsel with The Master.  He carries our burdens and fills us with peace.

Another thing that I’m grateful for, is Christmas… but it isn’t because we often get presents, and there isn’t any school.  I like family.  I like the happiness that Christmas brings.  I like to be happy and I like to see others happy.  You will never be unhappy as you gift something to another, or you serve another.  That’s what makes this season so jolly.

Remember to “Keep on keepin’ on” this Christmas Season.  Don’t forget the true reason to why we give gifts and celebrate.  For unto us child was given… the Prince of Peace.  May He fill your life/garden with peace as you constantly “DIG IT !!”

Keep on keepin’ on
Life’s a garden… DIG IT !! 


Life’s a garden… DIG IT !!

26 11 2010

“Keep on keepin’ on.  Life’s a garden… DIG IT !!”

These words mean a great deal to me.  Whenever I quote these profound words, I say that they come from a great philospher when in reality they are the words of a common man named Joe Dirt.  Just because they are from a simple minded, less than normal man does not take anything away from the deep meaning that they have.

LIFE isn’t LIFE without a SMILE

To me, it means that no matter what happens…. We can and must continue.  Sometimes we are given hard times or challenges, but we have to just keep on keeping on.  There is no other choice in my mind.  I’m not a quitter.  As I powered through the tough times of school, I was blessed greatly with this Thanksgiving break, and I’m taking advantage of it.  It’s the same in our lives, we find hard times, we power through them putting our Faith in God, and in Him we can find the “long-lasting Thanksgiving break.”

Christ said, “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”
(John 16:33)



Through Christ, we can find TRUE PEACE in this life.  We can be of GOOD CHEER knowing that He is by our side in all things.  He knows our challenges, and He knows the best way to handle them.  He is the Master.

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin taught us that “the way we react can be a major factor in how happy and successful we can be in life.”

He was counseled by his mother:

It’s simple enough…


Lo siguiente es algo que esribi para mi clase de espanol.  Era una composicion que habla de nuestra opinion en la eutanasia y del valor de la vida.  Leela y la vas a disfrutar :

La vida de uno es importante.  Recibimos una sola oportunidad para vivir aquí en la tierra.  Por esta razón, ¡Disfrutémosla!  “La vida es un jardin… ¡Cávelo!” son las palabras de un filósofo.  Quiere decir que debemos disfrutar la vida, pero no significa que no tendremos que trabajar, pelear, y luchar.  Un jardinero podría dejarles crecer a las malezas y sobrevendrían el jardín, pero en eso no tendría satisfacción.  De otra manera, si luchara, trabajara, podara, cavara y quitara la maleza, entonces tendría motivo para celebrar.  Muchas veces la vida es difícil, sin embargo todavía la podemos apreciar.
No creo que una persona tenga el derecho de quitarse la vida, ni de quitar la vida de alguien, sino que una persona necesita este tiempo para vivir, crecer, y disfrutar de la vida.  Aun cuando cosas malas pasan alrededor de nosotros, podemos hallar paz y consuelo, como en el ojo de una tempestad.  Podemos hallar la paz en una vida deteriorada o aun en la vida normal por medio de Dios.  Cristo dijo, “en mi [tendréis] paz.  En el mundo tendréis aflicción.  Pero confiad; yo he vencido al mundo.”  Éstas son palabras que nos llenan de fuerza para seguir adelante en la vida aun en los tiempos díficiles.
“La vida es un jardin… ¡Cávelo!”  A veces, la única cosa que nos falta es empeño porque no luchamos como debemos.  No ponemos el esfuerzo necesario para lograr la felicidad.  Cualquiera tiene la habilidad de cambiar su vida a una vida positiva.
“La vida es un jardin… ¡Cávelo!”